Governing Body

Broomhill Infant School and Broomhill and St Anne’s Children’s Centre


Governors’ Committee Structure – November 2017

Teaching Learning and Attainment Committee

Hayley Farthing, Becky Symmons, Sue Hadden (Chair), Mark Williams (Vice Chair), Ellie Mulcahy

Safeguarding Committee

Hayley Farthing, Becky Symmons, Lisa James (Chair), Tony Carey (vice Chair), Jean Capener

Finance Committee

Hayley Farthing, Mair Allen,Tony Carey (Chair), Savi Flaecher

Governors with named responsibilities

Additional Needs & Inclusion Governor

Mark Williams

Health & Safety Governor

Tony Carey


Governor With Responsibility for Children In Care

Tony Carey

Child Protection Governor

Tony Carey

AIM Governor

Sue Hadden, Tony Carey

E-Safety Governor

Mark Williams

Sex and Relationships Governor

Sue Hadden

Pupil Premium

Sue Hadden

Prospectus Working Group

Hayley Farthing

Pupil Discipline Appeal Committee

Sue Hadden, Mark Williams, Lisa James

Performance Related Pay Review Panel

Finance Committee & Chair of TLA

Staff Discipline Committee

Mair Allen, Savi Fleacher, Ellie Mulcahy

Head Teacher Performance Review Panel

Sue Hadden, Mark Williams.

Staff Discipline Appeal Committee

Sue Hadden, Savi Fleacher

Staff Grievance Panel

Tony Carey

Parents/Pupils Complaints Panel

Sue Hadden, Tony Carey, Jean Capener

Staff Grievance Appeal Panel

Sue Hadden, Mark Williams

Parents Complaints Appeal Panel

Mark Williams, Mair Allen, Savi Fleacher

Pupil Discipline Committee

Becky Symmons, Savi Fleacher