Vision & Values

‘Dream Believe Achieve’


 Welcome to

Broomhill Infant School

 Where children come first!


Our school is sited in the heart of the Broomhill Community. The school is fortunate to have grounds which include an orchard and lots of interesting spaces where children are able to work in a safe environment. We provide a supportive, inclusive and caring environment that is conducive to active learning. We inspire our children to be excited by learning and provide creative learning opportunities that build on the children’s experiences and interests. Inside the School and Children’s Centre, learning environments are organised to provide children with appropriate resources that they can access independently. Displays of children’s work are used to extend their learning, stimulate their imagination and celebrate their achievements.

Our site include a purpose built Children’s Centre. That enables us to provide increased opportunities for our families and the wider community. This supports us in working with our partners to provide the very best start for all our children. In a relaxed, comfortable and supportive environment parents and carers can meet with each other, find out more about how their children learn and develop and have access to a wide range of different professionals such as health and early-years educators. The Centre is flexible in its provision and can respond to the needs of the Broomhill community. Its doors will be open to all those who wish to engage in improving the lives of our children and families.


Creativity, Individuality, Empowerment and Inclusion’, these four powerful words are our vision and they are at the heart of everything we do.  However, what will they really mean for your children and you as parents and carers?

 For our children our vision means that:


We believe that each child is an individual with the ability to succeed.

We will create an environment that will enable each child to develop in their own way.


We will provide every child with a creative approach to teaching and learning which ensure that they can achieve to the very best of their potential.


We know that each child has a voice and we are willing to listen to that voice and adapt the way we work to take account of the message each child gives.


We will encourage and develop every child to be confident to express themselves and to value and celebrate each other’s qualities

For our families and the wider school community our vision means that we are committed to building a  happy and open relationship with all our parents and carers, based on confidence and trust as we recognise for a child to succeed, both home and school must be working in close collaboration.

 Our Vision is not complete! It is one that will change to meet the needs and aspirations of all our children and families. We look forward to working with you, supporting and inspiring one another to develop a nurturing school, within a learning community where children are valued for who they are and inspired to become the very best people they can be.

Hayley Farthing

Head Teacher